Hello world!

A year and a few weeks ago my husband and I started what would be an amazing and extremely difficult journey but it is the blessing that has changed my life. I don’t know that I ever aspired to be a blogger but it is a little of my passion now or at the moment. I was a hair stylist for many years, the very heart and soul of my existence or so I thought 🙂 When I found out almost 3 years into owning my own salon that I was having twins , I knew my existence was about to change little did I know how much, I retired my business and started a one month hospital stay with in the same week 29 weeks pregnant. My little angels were born January 5 (nearly 2 months early) but luckily we spent 11 short days in the NICU and got to bring them home! The last year has been an incredible journey and amazing but very hard, on their first birthday I started a list of Gods gifts due to beginning to read One Thousand Gifts, a book I highly recommend! This blog was started to be a catalog of those gifts, gifts from God in my everyday world.

So hear it is welcome to my world! I am a stay at home mommy , I love it, I never would have imagined I could do that but I am now looking for new outlets for my creative energy, so hopefully this blog, my new desire for photography , a new home, and following my crazy kiddos around will give me plenty of fuel to keep entertained!

Welcome to my world #morethanjusttwinlove


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