Good friends are like stars

Friends are important your whole life, but I think it takes a really long time to realize when you have a great one and how important that truly is. There is a big difference in some one you spend your time with and someone you can share your time, heart, and life with. I am fortunate to have several of these some near and some far but by far the one dearest not only shares her life and heart with me but with my kids and that is huge.

Life blessed us with a beautiful day with Aunt JJ (as so named by Avery) We got to play outside with the dogs, take a walk, and a dinner date, to say the least the kids had a wonderful day and were exhausted, Hunter said Tractor on our walk which was totally out of the blue and Avery has affectionately named Jenn JJ and we think thats great. After such a wonderful day the best part was getting to sit down together and talk about the things dearest to our hearts and discover the beauty of our own worlds together. Friends are important no matter what stage in life but they are sweetest in the stage thus far.

“I promise if you keep searching for everything beautiful in this world you will eventually become it”

-tyler kent white





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