Today I am grateful for excited faces , those of my children and those of other children seeing their joy. I am grateful I made the effort to visit moms school the excitement on her face for having them and showing them to her friends was beyond price . I am grateful for days standing in the sun for seeing real cows and ducks and the pure beauty of the outdoors. I am grateful for a husband who gives of himself so selflessly that I may enjoy this stress free life of living in every moment with my littles . I love the excitement Hunter has for sitting on the swing with me and the love Avery has in that little laugh. I am grateful for patience and support from Clay , I am grateful to share my day my heart and tears with such a caring man. Today I am grateful for 15 minutes I was at peace, loved , cherished before my day even started in a warm snuggle . I am blessed and I hope tomorrow I will fill the cup of my children full with love and laughter and me



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