for your entertainment

So lets say that one wanted to  be productive inside the home… one should not live here.  I have a pretty simple job well not simple but simply defined, I am mommy to two little 1 years olds and they require a lot of time.  I have been encouraged on many occasions to work from home .. today was a small example of why this wouldn’t work.  In my dream world I might be crafty enough to have a successful etsy shop charging way to much for my charming hand-made goods that would sell out daily and I would craft while my kids play.  Example one:  We are preparing to move so I am trying to organize my junk so that when we arrive in new home it can have a neat way to be put away.  That being said I took a whole bunch of nonsense fabric that once had a purpose long forgotten and began modge podging it on boxes to hold precious keeps sakes (extreme organizing with multi purposing side) I usually do this while they sleep but my project required a few minutes after nap time, in that less than 5 minutes they destroyed the flameless candles I didn’t know they could reach and two notebooks off the dining room table.  Example 2: Once a month I do about ten minutes worth of work for my dad uploading movie trailers to his movie boxes, today was that day.  I take the call noting movies (kids screaming so I only caught bits of what dad said and had to google to find out what he had actually said)  I turn on my computer, while powering up put dry diapers on both kids  and refill milk cups, I log in, navigate to needed sight and begin login , Hunter comes behind me laying his head on my rear and saying mommy I notice he stinks ….change poop diaper number one, deposit in trash, wash hands, log in and navigate to movies.  Avery approaches with the same tactic pulling at my pants talking gibberish I sniff and take off to change poop diaper # 2, trash, hands, back to project 45 minutes later I have completed my ten minute task… I don’t know anyone who would consider me an effective time managing associate 🙂

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