Grateful then grateful now grateful always

I realize how truly blessed I am , I have a dream life but on mornings like today where I sit in the floor catching up on my favorite DVR shows, folding laundry and mending clothes I think wow this is truly great.  Not only am I blessed with a wonderful life but a wonderful man to share it with, he spent the entire week sick in bed, and on his day off he went to do free physicals for the Special Olympics, what a heart. This is not a surprise to me, this is the kind of man he is on a daily basis, a super hero in disguise. unrecognized to most who pass him by but those who pass through his clinic often glimpse it and for me well I know I married a superhero he has been saving me long before he had reason to and his kids well they know it too.  So as I sit sipping my morning coffee, watching the ducks on the pond, thinking of all things I am grateful for , it is you Superman who fills my list of Eucharisteo, count blessings and discover who can be counted on. Thank you God for my most wonderful blessing , my husband.


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