Rain makes the grass green 

I try to remember this in all things but it seems to come to the surface as I lay listening to the rolling thunder and pouring rain (no sleep machine needed tonight)  lately life has seemed a little rainy quite like the weather.  My prayer is this is going to make our grass awfully green ! 

However there have been certain rainbows, this week of my second Mother’s Day I got to see my sisters, now God didn’t bless me with blood sisters and before he blessed me with in laws , I found chosen sisters.  We chose to take care of one another, to endure life together, to celebrate triumph and sadness together . I have 3 sisters, and though they are vastly different each of them brings complete joy to my life . I am so grateful for even the smallest time, laughter, and kisses to share with them . 

Even through the rain always a joy to see what the next day will bring ….. Thank you for this day .  


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