Not often do I use words

I mostly tell our life through pictures, rarely do I feel compelled to sit down and put life into words, but tonight I got tickled and thought it warranted telling.  The life of twins is entertaining and as they grow each in their own I am more and more entertained.  The love that intertwines their hearts is breath taking and brings me to tears on a nearly daily basis.

Lets go with Hunter first, he loves life whole heartedly and I am fairly convinced there is really not a love like the one he has for life.  He is hilarious, he is like having a parrot in the house, if Clay says it he will repeat it, for instance today as I am laying on the couch, Clay says talk to me babe , how are you feeling, the most gentle little boy comes to me touches my face and says talk to me babe, then directly to his daddy says mommys talking to me.  He will tell you on a regular basis that he has eaten or intends to eat a bug but he hates bugs and will not touch them.  He loves that his jump high shoes give him stinky feet and he loves his sister with out ceasing, as they sat on the porch this morning he puts his arms around her and says I love you so much.  How did I get here? He also enjoys eskimo kisses and all things to do with the doing exactly what his daddy does.

Avery feels everything to her very core,  if she has done something she shouldn’t have you don’t really have to pressure for which one of them committed the crime she will have complete hysterics, everything is serious, dinner is a crisis, and so is bath time, I am certain she thinks that everything is a test in which she must cry to get out of !  She is the most tender hearted little girl, she loves every animal and absolutely wants to help everyone, if Hunter needs anything she will be there most instantly to help him with most anything, even offering a hand to hold when he is afraid or unsure.  She loves babies, loves to sing, loves to dance, she loves life as fully but in so many more unique ways.


I question myself daily as I am sure most mothers do, am I scarring them for life, do I raise my voice to often, am I being irrational, do they know that I love them, do they think that mommy is happy or just flat crazy?

It is moments of love between my children that gives me faith that God is in control because somewhere among the chaos they are showing me that they see love, they show love. God has blessed us beyond means and in those moments that I wonder how crazy one might be then I see that in the crazy there is beauty and these moments are a part of the masterpiece that is life.

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