754 Weeks

I feel like I am at constant battle with the laundry, it has a mind of its own and it roams all over the house a litter of the days various activities, I bet you could tell a lot about us by what you find strung about the house, but no matter how hard you battle every day it comes back.  Then I wonder is that how God feels watching our lives, girl I just cleaned up your mess and look what you have strung about now! I have not always been as prayerful as my children have made me, but the more I watch the miracles they are the more I know I have so much to be grateful for, and their mess is one of those things, it really doesn’t matter if the clothes are on the floor, if they didn’t throw their snack paper away, that rates so small in their day, in their lives, they live for the excitement, they live to love and isn’t that what we should all be doing?  I don’t do it often enough but it is my goal and my prayer to be more ever present, to be more fun than I am clean, and to care less for my social media, which seems odd because I am writing this during nap time but I write this as a reminder to myself that there will not always be little feet to muk my floors and little hands to print my fridge, right now is the very short time I have to put my prints on their hearts because I only have 754 weeks left to mold them before they spread their wings….Today is important, this week is important no matter how sleep deprived and messy it is, it is beautiful.

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