My heroes have always been cowboys 

You are the best person to influence your children but that doesn’t mean they love the things you love, but you indulge their loved which is what Avery and I did for Hunter today 😜

If I had my way his hero would be Lane Frost and all things cowboy but turns out my boy loves superheroes and believes the people in his life have super powers, daddy is superman , momma is wonder woman and it doesn’t hurt we have Uncle Thor, he even believes that Steven has super strength so today we took him to meet Spider-Man …. well in the list of easy things to do is not taking 2 three yr olds and a 9 month old to a meet and greet but we did it ! 

Avery prefers heroes of the fur nature much like momma and the other ladies in her life but she obliged her brother today only because she loves him 😍I fear there may be a horse in her future and that would be just fine! Porter is undecided on all these things so I still have hope for a cowboy but at the end of the day the smiles are all that matters .

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