Grateful always Thankful most

My house on a regular basis looks like its been ransacked- I promise no one has robbed us but if I spent half the time it would take to get it what most consider presentable I would miss the greatest moments.  We have structure, we do chores but most of all we have fun, in that past few weeks I have been trying to figure out the best way to battle my arch nemesis-  the laundry hamper.  I am completely convinced that I could do all the laundry in the house on any given day and at night someone sneaks in and fills another hamper- so last week after putting away what I thought was all the kids clothes in their respective closets- which is a chore I opened the dryer and there it was – more, see because we never manage to get all the clothes in separate hampers- nor do I do laundry that way so it is always intermingled.  I usually fold in my room and the kids have a basket and when it gets full I take it up but there is never a time that basket is not beside my bed- it felt daunting and irritating – like a zit that just won’t pop- you know it needs time but you mash it and mash it until you have made a huge mess.  Avery and I brainstormed and decided to take action.  Sunday when we came home from church we immediately moved Hunters clothes to Porters closet ( and because my serious devotion to minimizing my closet- I mean face it I am yoga pants) there was plenty of room on my side of the closet for the girls- TADA problem solved right? We fixed it ! Nope we just rearranged the problem, and today while at war with the nemesis I realized I had localized the laundry but it was still every daunting.  So back up a few days, I had a baby shower to attend I stopped by the house to grab the gift I hadn’t wrapped yet and scrounge for something to cover it in- I looked around and thought HOLY SMOKE if someone came in this house they would think we had been robbed!!! This was not one of the things I have been okay with in my life it takes work for me to embrace the mess and prioritize and every time I accomplish it I give myself a high 5!  So here was my milestone- Clay had to go back to work after bedtime last night, which doesn’t bother me (another high 5 because I worked really hard to get past that one) side note I must comment on high 5’s often because often when we see something cool Avery will say mom I bet you want to high 5 them for doing a good job -insert crying laughter emoji- ok on to my milestone, I barely got a shower but after yesterday I needed one – as I step out Porter starts crying and I think to my tired self I am going to lay him down with me for a bit, maybe we both need the snuggles and I notice the mountain of unfolded laundry on my side of the bed, he is screaming – game time I don’t have time for that and their are 3 baskets of folded on the floor I can’t put it in a basket- I refuse to kick my hard work to the floor with out a basket- my floor in my room is a hazard! It could get lost under the bed? it could end up with apple jacks in it?  Porter obviously is the need so I go get him and tuck him next to me and we slide under the covers- under the laundry – usually this would give me horrible anxiety that I could not leave this unfinished task for my husband to see but ehhh so we fall fast asleep and at midnight Hunter appears, wheezing horribly like gives me a fright- that takes a lot I am usually calm cool collected.  We go through the routine, oils, benadryl, I fold him in bed too, because I can’t let him far from me sounding like that and after listening to him not sound better for 5 minutes I call Clay who bring the albuterol inhaler and rescues us, he tucks Porter into bed and I ask if Hunter can stay- respiratory is an issue with this boy.  Clay never returns- I assume he has slept in the chair with Porter until I hear him crying at 530- I bail out of bed and nearly take out my husband – who is sleeping at the foot of the bed on Hunter’s pillow pallet in his clothes.  Right there tears and I thought Dear God, thank you for that man, the man who works from sun up to sun down to help people and isn’t to good for a pallet so I can be at ease.  Here I sit in our floor on the pallet streaming tears because yes our house is messy but its just like life- and I love our mess because its beautiful.  Thank you God for teaching me to give those anxieties to you and just love my family, because they are my greatest gift and my treasure.

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