Paradise tree

So reason #500 I am a bad cultivator of things like flowers- thank heavens this does not hinder my parenting!  I got a paradise hibiscus last year- it was a beautiful tree like plant and at the nursery I fell in tree love.  I bought it- I wondered a lot through the Oklahoma summer why if it was a tropical plant why it seemed to find our heat so unbearable so I moved it to the North side of the house where it seemed very happy and continued to provide us with colorful tropical blooms.  The lady at the nursery had told me they were not very tolerant to cold and I should move it inside if it got below 42 which seemed like an easy task and on more than one occasion I put her on a spare truck floor mat and brought her in.   At this time Porter was a baby and this plant was not so interesting, then winter in Oklahoma comes and I can not move the tree inside due to the fact Porter will unplant it – not to mention it went from 70 to freezing in like 4 hours on multiple nights so I was not prepared to shelter the Paradise flower on the North side of our house.  So being the lowly plant owner I am it froze a couple of times I assumed I sealed its fate and didn’t even bother to move it.  Tonight as Clay and I were sitting on the back porch talking I said -you think its dead- Clay said I don’t know scratch the bark- see if it has a vibrant core.  To which we hysterically laugh at our Ron White reference and he says just google it.  I had no idea there were actually people in this world who wrote hilarious gardening articles but I found one.  I began to read and it says- if you have left your TROPICAL plant out in the freezing weather, take this as a learning opportunity, you can not recover your plant from the damage that has been done, leave it alone and if it comes back well be grateful you didn’t kill it, if not its dead and you should consider an evergreen the next time you purchase something……Where was this guy when I bought the tree??? Why are the selling this tree in Oklahoma??? I wanted to high five him and I laughed so hard in front of my probably dead tree…. Touche dude lesson learned.

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