Why I am an oil junky…

I think I have thought about this blog post for a long time and it is not an easy explanation for me …but maybe it will be if I write it out, sometimes that is how it works for me.  I started using oils when Hunter and Avery were babes, Hunter had horrible respiratory, and I was a desperate momma for anything I could do to bring relief for my baby.. and SLEEP, let us be real honest….at some point as a parent, you ask-” will it make the baby sleep?” and if the answer is” possibly, maybe well a 20% chance” and “it isn’t harmful to the baby?”…”nope” well how much do you want? I will pay any amount for sleep.  I had no intention of going full blown hippy, in fact with the amount of hair and makeup products in my bathroom, there was not a chance of that ever happening. Fast forward five years- I have a buzz cut and make most of the products I use, and most everything in my cleaning cabinet is all natural- who knew?  SO hear is how it happened.

  1. I needed my kid to breath better, now by no means did that mean we did not go to the doctor (my husband is one) but it was something I could diffuse in their room, put in their bath(salts), or rub on their feet to support our sleeplessness. (they shared a room until they were 2, you can see how this relates back to the sleep factor- what is worse than 1 crying baby….more than 1 crying baby) 
  2. I like my house to smell good(like every person in the world)- here is the next level, when I had twins the house was not always clean but I needed it to smell that way and it turns out burning candles are hazardous to sleep deprived mommas.  Can I also note that on two different occasions something died in our wall or under our house…in the summer(also important to note we live in Oklahoma) , can I tell you death is something Scentsy can’t fix… but I darn sure tried.
  3. My floor cleaners or toilet cleaners were not an issue at this point, but then my children started opening cabinets and doors, well all down hill from here.

Turns out , having the power to create made staying out home feel more proficient, it is hard to go from an independent woman to a SAHM, I needed to feel like I was contributing ( we went through a case of formula in 5 days, not to mention the diapers)When I could make things instead of buying then I felt like I was being productive, from that it has developed into something I enjoy, my kids love being able to have a roller of their own, whether it is Avery who uses hers as perfume or Porter who keeps RC in his pocket for the cough that is near constant this time of year, all 3 of our kids still beg to have their feet rubbed or salts in their bath.  My house smells like a fabulous, haha I am usually always diffusing – some of my favorites of late are Patchouli and Lavendar(hippy sounding I know)- it is comforting, that has been a must in the first holiday without memaw.  I love the blends and diffuse gratitude and humilitiy, and often have veviter roller in my pocket so I smell like a forest ( thank you dear SIL for that addiction)  when it is possible I prefer to do things the oily way, I love the freedom it has given me to create,  support my emotions,  and the really big emotions of my little people…..smells are big to me I am very moved by aroma so this has quite literally changed my world- I mop with it, clean with it, spray my linens, spray ouchies,  wash my face, moisturize, it is in nearly every facet of my home.  It makes me happy-so that is why I am an oil junky:)

I love nature and that is why I love Young Living

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