Porter Olen Knucklehead

I’m usually a fairly light sleeper …. but I am now confident my 2 year old will know what to do if I am unconscious well because we had a test run last night. The hour was 1 am, Clay was charting at the clinic , I heard adult voices in my living room – which I obviously dismissed as my imagination as no adult meaning harm would have a conversation in the living room, so I went back to sleep. I wake up to Clay calling me which jolts me to life, he immediately asked what is wrong? I said nothing why…. he said you called me twice. Uh no I didn’t – then the small person in my bed unknown to me says “I call daddy!” The adults talking in the living room – yoga video, Porter got up, did some yoga, couldn’t get me to converse with him so he called his daddy, and this morning Pop will be grateful he didn’t call him too ! This boy keeps us on our toes


Very tired Camprunamuk Coordinator

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