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Clay and I were discussing Easter 5 years ago, it was the first time we took the twins to church , and had we not been so stubborn possibly the last . You know what the worst day of the week was in our house the first years of their lives ? Sunday . The entire family was nearly guaranteed to be in tears by the time we made it to church IF we got there. We remember Easter because it was the first time we made it, but not the first Sunday we tried to get to church. It ended many mornings in H puking or A pooping all over everything before we put the car in park at the church. It was a guarantee that I would bawl all my make up off either before I made it to the car or on the way. You might think oh she was so tired,yea maybe but mostly I cried because I had nothing to wear that felt flattering and was most certainly hormonal. Oh and we had twins . Easter 5 years ago, we pulled up to a service at Fusion Bible 45 minutes late, everyone was crying and we almost didn’t get out of the car. I mean we missed 3/4 of the service. It was chaos to get there but for that 15 minutes God spoke, he calmed the storm and provided hope. Five years later we attended one service and volunteered 2, in a building that did not belong to the school. I stood in the front door watching so many babies and families coming through the door and Clay and I can’t help but remember that day 5 years ago. The miles the people in that church have walked with our twins or P, the miles I have walked with someone else’s child are countless. So let me encourage you momma who pulled in long after the parking crew left, come in ! Don’t turn around, we’ve been there and if it is even for a cup of coffee and a worship song, God can use it ! We have all shed tears in the parking lot but you don’t have to hide, you are not alone ! It takes a village but today I was grateful God knew exactly what village we needed and we kept at the lofty goal of getting to church on time . Some weeks we make it early and high five, sometimes we barely make the message, sometimes I pass my screaming kids to loving arms and sometimes they walk right in. These people are my family and we all realize we are broken but God glues us together to lift each other up. Hey we just spent 30 minutes in Walmart parking lot celebrating some of that village in their next adventure and my face hurts from smiling so hard ! Happy Easter and may every day be as celebrated !

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