Family #grateful

Family is the one thing so often taken for granted, you don’t choose them they are not always the ones you spend your life with but when God blesses you with amazing family, blood or not be grateful. We spent the weekend with our families, Saturday at Mimi and Pops with Uncle Matt where I witnessed my Dads teenage obsession with pacman for the very first time as he lived his youth on the xbox, there is nothing more beautiful more worthy of a thankful heart than family. I have the most amazing inlaws too I don’t even like the term except I don’t know how else to state it , they are amazing to my kids and to me and along with that I got more sisters and brothers….. I want my kids to learn the value of family and to always have the guidance of these individuals. I realize people don’t always have that structure and I am so grateful that my children have an amazing loving support structure…. I want them to know that above all us : YOU ARE LOVED….you may doubt the world but you will never doubt you are loved beyond measure.

This morning I saw the wonder in my little boys eyes as he recognized ducks on Clays hunting show….heart stolen. Avery held her hands up and said Ay yay ya which is Avery for I love you and she now pretends to fix her hair…. how did I get so lucky to have such amazing littles.


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