Order and Chaos

I used to really pride myself in having some kind of order, given I am by no means extremely orderly but I like things to be presentable, my floors, for instance, now I sweep several times a day and I am still pretty sure Hunter can find something to eat on it…the funny thing is I don’t mind anymore.

You can eat off my floor..not because its clean and you should but because my littles like to share, they have the same things for breakfast but they love to trade what they don’t like for what they do(good thing their taste vary a little I guess) This morning Hunter was trading his pancake bites for bananas so a lot of it didn’t make it across the high chair gap, what a chaotic reminder of sweet moments. Avery loves bananas but has newly discovered blueberries so was glad to trade a few bananas for the bites of pancake containing blueberry 🙂

My life is a constant state of chaos and I love it, I never thought I would say that but I have been blessed with an appreciation for this chaos and God is quietly reaching me with the thought that maybe memories and laughter are more important than orderly counters and clean floors. So this morning we left a few sweet bites on the floor and retired to our make shift tent that now hangs where our family portrait used to….its way more fun than a picture! I am considering making it a permanent living room decoration as I enjoy sitting in it as much as they do haha.

So with that said Welcome to our home, excuse the mess there is a lot of life sharing in progress, feel free to grab a snack








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