The mask

So many times we gage someone’s social media and try to predict what life is handing them, is their life easy, they have priorities in line or geez what are they thinking ? We don’t know though, and we often forget to extend grace , my life doesn’t look like my Facebook and definitely not as green as my insta filters, does yours … of course not, no one is transparent we all want people to think the best, see the best, put our best filtered foot forward. Life isn’t what you see , inside the doors of those hearts life is hard , loss is hard , marriage is hard , divorce is hard, raising kids is hard, infertility is hard, we all need grace , kindness , and not to be judged by the cover of our book . We just need to be heard understood and loved . Grace … have you ever done something anonymously … it’s hard we crave to be recognized for our kindness rewarded for our heart but I challenge you to do something kind, thoughtful for someone who’s hurting and don’t take the credit, it will change your heart I promise when you do something purely for someone in need .

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