Tribe 2

There were four of us before we knew it and little did we know the friendship would spread over a hundred miles and 9 kids and today we are celebrating 34 years with her so this just seemed a fitting day for her story.  In 2004 I started barber school at Anthony Davids hair academy, our class was small but before long we were together all the time, and after a year sharing a one bedroom apartment( it was all we could afford but we loved it and worked really hard to move up to the 10th floor of Lakeview towers where so many milestones would pass.  Daddy H hated that we moved up there, every time he came he told us about what a fire hazard it was to live on the tenth floor and we better climb those stairs so we’d know how to escape!  I was doing overnight floor sets at Express (where I met our 3rd member of the lifers club) while working in the Salon and she was in another Salon working nights at Bourbon Street, we very rarely had time off but we would walk a block to the electro lounge and play a few games of pool or sit on the balcony for hours when time allowed.  Toward the end of our time in the tower we moved to cousins for pool, lets face it the the food was better .   I never knew someone who was the complete and utter opposite of me could be so dear, we bonded together for life, utilized our strengths to cover each others weakness’ and still do to this day.  I think that is why it is no surprise I love Clay so much, they embody a lot of the same qualities and his will to help her or talk her through things knows no bounds, he says so often .. if she needs us the answer is always yes.  We have weathered it all together, suicide, loss, victory, and the darkest days along side the happiest.  I know we have many more to travel, I will never forget what it feels like to lay eyes on her and get to wrap my arms around her after months of being apart, this is the silliest statement to me but anytime I think of her my thought is she is my ride or die.  We may go weeks sometimes a month with out talking but it is understood that there is no love lost, we can pick up the phone and it is like we talked to yesterday, getting to do mom life with my tribe is the best, the snaps are hilarious, the things are kids say endless and I am so grateful for a season in my life where I worked 2 jobs and made the best friends in the world, my tribe, my chosen sisters and that we are living this season together too!

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