Fall break

This was a huge milestone for me , I beat my goal by ten minutes and I kept a consistent pace and I could not done it without Clay , he has made time for me to work out and it meant so much to see him with my babies at the finish line, at mile 3 my mom text me “run katie run” and it gave me the biggest smile but when I knew he was tracking me at mile 5, I looked down to my watch to see “you got this”, and it’s a good thing it was just me because the tears streamed, I am so blessed, I started and finished the race with my MIL who is so special to me, and I couldn’t help but smile when I saw her coming back for me because let’s face it she’s easily 5 minutes faster than this Shelton pony and I’m ok with that! I never imagined life this way that there could be this level of acceptance with my family and with Clays . My mom and dad picked the twins up and took a two day trip to the city they went to the zoo and the races and I just never knew there could be so

much joy in my life and I am so grateful

Then for Sunday I had the honor of being a part of child dedication with two kiddos that I have walked miles with to soothe the tears and it was perfect , a perfect ending to a beautiful season in life

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