The Cornerpost

A fence can stretch for miles and miles, and so does our life story but it first begins with a solid corner a foundation to pull against and hang onto when elements dare to bend or break its barrier.

My mom is an unsung hero, a survivor and what makes that even more beautiful is that most people don’t know her struggles or her heartache, she is strong incredibly strong.  What is funny is in high school I always figured it was my dad the boys would fear lets say they had a healthy respect for him but it was my mom that struck fear, and as a grown woman with kids of my own I see why and I hope my kids feel the same way about me, that I am just enough unpredictable that they are afraid of my reactions, I hear her everyday come straight out of my mouth, I even sound like her, and sometimes it just makes me laugh out loud, and then I see myself in my daughter and know exactly why I sound just like mom!!! She is courageous, she ran her first 5k with me and then after that has just continued to embarrass me by leaving me in the dust but she makes me so proud because she doesn’t realize how strong she is, she has a power that no one expects from her and a stink eye every second grader fears but her kids love her passionately and so do mine.  There was a time when things were different for us when my stubbornness and hers clashed like banging symbols but in this season of life I realize she just wanted the best for me and I just wanted to do it my way, I hope that I raise my daughter with as much fierceness and work hard attitude as she did, for the longest I credited my dad for my work ethic, but after being a mom I realize mom was as much a part of that as he was, she got up every few hours and checked calving heifers so dad could rest, she pulled calves, she waded through mud to help me get my show cattle in the barn, she checked them during the day, she fed hay, she ran that place and all while keeping our house so clean I could have eaten off the floor….which I now realize was a giant task all its own!  She taught me service, I don’t think she realized it maybe I didn’t either, but she taught me to love my husband and care for him, to do the things I could so he doesn’t have to , that I am strong and capable and unafraid to get my hands dirty, that we are partners and none of this is my job and your job.  I hope that someday I am checking heifers in the middle of the night and busting ice on the pound but for right now I am just gonna work on that keeping my house clean part 🙂  I can’t wait to see her hold baby Wyatt and watch all the joy having another grandbaby brings my mom and dad, they are so incredible with my kids, I am so blessedIMG_0961.JPGIMG_0924.JPGIMG_5834.JPGIMG_0400.JPGIMG_1772.JPGIMG_0963.JPG


Seeing you happy is one of my greatest joys

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