On opposite sides of an express jeans table watching Scotty model women’s slacks in horror, that is where it started, we would spend many more hours and holidays in that store and learn more about sexuality than we cared to but the group of people we worked with were extraordinary in the fact they loved without judgement, we were all extremely different but considered one another family all the same.

Our journey would be endless little did I know, we would hop towns together, watch endless nights of One Tree Hill, wash clothes for one another, discuss lady problems beyond what we knew could exist and eventually raise our kids together.  I had no idea the many days I spent in the kitchen with her would span into watching her in the kitchen with our daughters, or the many nights on the porch would turn into days with 6 kids in the yard.  One could only hope for a friendship as lasting as ours,  we have seen each other at our best and at our very worst and the love is endless, we have endured the cranky, the crazy, the hormonal, the postpartum and everything in between.  There are no end to the embarrassing stories and quite honestly we will have to be friends forever, we know to much.IMG_5328.JPGIMG_0651.JPGOriginalPhoto-465432153.210021.jpgIMG_4461.JPG

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