the traveling pants

You know when you are a teenager you just can’t wait to be able to swap things with your friends then you get to adulthood and you don’t even know what actually belongs to you anymore, and if you are anything like me by the time I rollercoastered through a few years of kid life, I had given away and revamped my wardrobe three times and I am fairly certain I wear the same ten items, in fact Hunter told me this morning that I could not wear the same shirt everyday, mind you I haven’t been but obviously owning the same shirt in 4 colors still qualifies as wearing the same shirt… who knew… but that is not what this is all about anyhow..

When you are pregnant and preparing for that first baby and people say oh don’t spend a fortune on clothes they will out grow them so fast, and inside you roll your eyes because you obviously know everything you little cute mommy to be.. ok so we learned this lesson fast and hard with the twins, white onesies people we wore the crap out of some white onesies…cheap and disposable but now the game has changed on us, we have two toddlers growing at the speed of light and a 1 year old… so this is how this goes.  I was so proud of my thrifty abilities,  I bought two tubs of hand me downs for Avery, Hunter is getting all the hand me’s we need from Jack and Barrett so I was trying to plan ahead for Avery, I bought winter 3T so now here we are and this girl has grown like crazy and none of these cute hand me down jeans fit so this is how the circle goes…..and I strongly recommend this circle… find some friends in varying ages and clothes swap!!!! So Ashely has Barrett, he is a first grader and he hands to Jack(5) which is Hollie’s oldest, Jack hands to Hunter, and Hunter hands to Kenton which is the second youngest in the Rooks clan, then Kenton hands to Porter and Porter is handing to Elliott, which is Amanda’s handsome booger. That is 6 boys we are clothing, this clothes swap stays on the move, as seasons change you box up one size and unbox another, we leave them on porches, in GG’s garage, or for USPS to get them where they need to be but by all that is good we are saving money on this train.  The girl train is a little slower moving and has a little disconnect, it started with Hannah who handed to Rachel who handed to Parker (enter small age gap) who handed to Avery who hands to Riley, who is sending to Ellie and Emma. I really doubt Kim knew that those clothes she purchased for her girls would make it so far but nothing makes me happier than to put something on Avery I remember all her cousins wearing, if your pants aren’t traveling you just aren’t living !  Insert my discovery of Poshmark- I may never purchase new clothing again….IMG_5363.JPGFullSizeRender.jpgIMG_6371.JPGIMG_2435.JPGIMG_5195.jpg3BF120BF-B087-47E7-8E30-E66486845B9B.JPGIMG_2474.JPG

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