Halloween is not my jam

I don’t love it, I love things around it and that means I have an elaborate plan of evolving my halloween traditions so I don’t need an adult beverage by the time I have my kids dressed. I love to carve pumpkins – we have carved 6, and I let them help and I love it, I will watch all the movies, visit the pumpkin patch, dress up for a week but the trick or treating is to much for me. That is just real life honest truth, and then I have to walk the streets with the creepiest looking kids and people with gore and blood running down their faces(I admit to wearing a costume of such a time or too but never was I around small children) and adults with out the sense to know when you can see more than you need to of their anatomy (insert wide eyed awe)  if you can honestly do that without needing an adult beverage or anxiety medication my hat is off to you. I can’t do it – for like of better words “I ain’t doing it”  I told Clay next year we will have a halloween party here so I do not have to dress everyone and get them out the door at dinner time(why did that seem like a good idea to start with when no one napped), there will be food and candy and all the spooky they can handle without a bloodied Joe Dirt walking to close to me down the side walk (come on who wacked Joe Dirt) and my hope is when they are middle schoolers that Tiffany and I will host all the little hoodrats and have a haunted snipe hunt, pumpkin carving contest, marshmallow roast and Clay and Colin can scare the dickens out of them,  I will do anything to avoid the trick or treat….ANYTHING.

So for all you who posted cute Halloween pictures…good for you, my 3 kids would not stand still and when I got down town in my unbrushed hair and yoga pants because I forgot to look in the mirror, I realized I had forgotten my phone… but I let them have candy for breakfast and that was pretty darn cute…So happy Halloween I am so glad its over. Is it Christmas yet?IMG_2566.jpgIMG_2565.jpgIMG_0006.jpg

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