The thing about a superhero is they do things under the cover of a cape and mask, most of them have normal everyday lives on the other side of that mask.  That is what our family has, a superhero, and the work he does under the cover of night, no one will know, the hours he agonizes over the people entrusted to his care, his heart so of epic proportions.  I see him so tired and so drained emotionally but he is never out of time or energy for us.  It takes a lot of time to do things right,  to spend extra time with someone who needs it although he doesn’t have it to spend, he invest in people , he could stay at work until its done at night but he doesn’t he comes home to help me, to love our kids and tuck them in even though it means he will have to go back when the house is all sound asleep, it pains him to go back to sacrifice time for himself or for me but I don’t want him to feel bad about it,  I don’t want to see the sadness, I want him to feel my pride radiating, the love that explodes my heart at what an incredible man he is, a man who spends his day listening to  complaints and fixing problems, answering questions and fielding the hard stuff, a man who sees the opportunity God grants him in his day to share his faith with people and takes it.  When God picked my husband for me he more than blessed me, and I am forever grateful for the man who does everything with his whole heart right down to the letter.


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