13 years

That is how long we have been friends, the 3 of us, we started out as 21 year old girls who thought we knew it all but obviously knew nothing at all.  We have survived the messiest part of life together and yesterday as we sat looking at one another, and then in the mirror, we were all noticeably older, how had we not noticed that in 13 years and 7 kids that we were aging??  I can tell you how, our friendship is authentic and deep, there are no problems with honesty or judgement here, no room for it, when we sit down to talk there is not any superficial chatter, we get down to the real deals, relationships that need to be talked through, things we are struggling with, where we need prayer, the real life hard stuff.  Everyone throws their hat in the ring we pass babies, cry and attempt to comfort and advise each others problems but no matter how tired I leave there, (because lets face it you get 7 kids under the age of 5 to sleep all night) I feel refreshed, I feel heard and seen and loved.  We have been doing this long enough to know how long the kids can last, who needs to go to bed first and which one eats what, we parent in an assembly line, playtime, breakfast , playtime, lunch, naps, playtime, dinner, baths, the barrage of breathing treatments and bed ….we know who needs some extra time to work, who needs a walk at Joanns and what time is best for the quiet target walk, we manage the screamers, the velcro babes and the hard lessons together.  Yesterday I got 20 minute notice to take my sweets for the day now normally that was a fail but being 15 minutes away I added a carseat from the garage (H has everything ) and made a dash across town, A has a unexpected full day, H has 3 with doctors appts and we roll out like entourage, it went seamlessly, feeding, cleaning 4 poopy diapers, 4 nap times and when  A walked in the door at 7(original quit time was 5) we had a happy boy who had spent the day with his chosen cousins, taken his first bath without screaming (thanks to his company) been on the swings for the first time and made a new bestie, our kids smother each other in love and laughter and its incredible.  I made a donut run after  bed time so we could have a fun send off but still yet I sat in the street talking and waving for 5 minutes before we left the curb, I cried all the way to Seminole, answering a barrage of questions from the back seat… Seminole yes I missed the Shawnee exit and took a very scenic route home but tears because I miss them with a fierceness I can’t explain, I want to rescue them when its needed, trade kids, sort clothes and do life together far more often than we get to.  Upon the 3 of us entering the house the first day- H you look cute A where did you think you were going don’t you see how K is dressed, A – I wore this yesterday… and slept in it.. I just put my bra back on this mornig… H I got to shower today I am out on this..K – two days dirty you win homeless super model 🙂 these are my girls and I love them so and I can’t believe God crossed our paths over fish bowl margaritas and made it last a lifetime!E2D91FCB-A351-4C39-848D-64AFE48FD0BD

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