New year

That is what you see all over social media- new year new me- uh no not to be negative Nancy but you were an ambitious “new you” all the way to January 2 where you remembered why you weren’t that person you envisioned already.. well because it takes effort and lets face it most of us aren’t willing to make it, I gave up new years resolutions a long time ago but I do have a few goals this year, I would like to run 3 – half marathons- to more than survive the badge run for Officer Dees- my goal this year is to live more simply ( I am so aware how that sounds from a blog post) I would love to be a minimalist but I am so aware that it does not happen over night so my thought is to simplify life, to buy less,  to feel I need less, I think so often we cruise shopping places and say oh my I need that but by definition we do not so my hope is that when I feel that I can see, is this a need or a want? have I met my want quota ? I am totally aware that if I have to ask myself that then I have more than met my want quota.  We did very little gifting this year at Christmas, not to say that the kids wanted for anything, they did not, but because the gifts were more intentional, I have watched them play quietly absorbed in themselves for hours( every moms dream right) and to be stuck inside due to cold , they have read (thanks GG) bandaged all the superhero’s and puppies (thanks KK) and raced stick horses (thanks Mimi and Pops) I admit I have even participated in the horse derby, if only Pops would buy me a cowboy hat too:)  We have colored and drawn and it has been an awesome realization as I saw what I had told myself in real life as I was Christmas shopping – which was we set the expectation- do I want my kids to get so many gifts that is what they think this is about?  Admittedly my kids did not know they were even getting gifts until the day before we opened them- we hadn’t even talked about it so it never dawned on me that they didn’t even expect it, not because I purposely hid it but we don’t wrap things and put them under the tree reason 1- PORTER , reason 2 – I have no desire to answer “when can we open them “nine million times a day.    It seems like every year I realize more that the expectations on this holiday are enormous and I feel like I kinda stepped out of it this year, make fun if you must but I will not spend an enormous amount of time on a tree and all that goes with it , there will be a wreath at the door and a tree but my most precious memories won’t be in my home, they happen in the homes of our parents, memories I will cherish always and that our kids will too, the expectation of family and Jesus that is what I am striving for, is that perfect ? Nope, will I fall short? You bet, but I hope I can always stay grounded in the Joy of my family and the Grace of my savior.

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