the way I see it from the other side of the fence

winter-tree-line-in-black-and-white-ann-powellI was lets call it fuming last week over something totally out of my control which is only one of the reasons that it is ridiculous.  For several days I  watched the dozer at work  behind our house, now I have no idea what the final vision is for the project that is in motion but I had no desire to see my  neighbors out my back window- no offense neighbors and by see- I mean I can now see the roof of the house quite a ways over – but see I am fuming over it because they took away the shelter of the deer I love to watch and I feel like someone is probably going to build a house or something behind me and then I will have to hear them and I don’t want to. Ridiculous I know but all this said it made me realize something, something I often tell my kids, and while doing my quiet time from my now clean (if you know us you know what a huge deal this is) office I heard this, you can not control what happens on the other side of that fence, only how you react to it or receive it.  Life happens all around us and we can’t control any of it, we can’t control what our neighbors do or what our friends do or what our family does, but you know what I CAN control, how it effects me, whether I choose to bear the sadness or turn it over to God, to miss something that I didn’t change is ok but to let that cover the beauty that may come would be so wrong, to shut something out because it wasn’t what used to be or isn’t how I thought it should be would be so selfish- so all that over a few tree’s.  I feel like this applies to all sorts of parts of life lately as I have watched 3 days worth of congress arguing.  In the midst of all of the chaos love arrives, there is nothing a sister feels compared to seeing her brother with his new baby- I love this little family so darn much I could squeeze them and they don’t even realize the beautiful love story they have been weaving for much longer than most people realize but I see it and I know how longs she’s been his sweets and now they have brought us their own little sugar to love!!IMG_0399

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