I have a lot of feelings over the things going on in our state and my tolerance for the ignorant slander on both sides of this debate has beckoned me to make some intelligent sounding facebook post that people will like and virtually high five me so I can feel validated and supported in my opinion but in reality- no ones opinion ever changes someones mind so I decided not to become a part of the dull roar….(high fiving myself for this mature decision and eye rolling at using my blog for it .)

So let’s just say for the sake of argument a simple game of would you rather…..

would you rather have

Nokia E65 (considering you know what that is) or Iphone 8

Dial up Internet(cue the sound of dialing China) or High speed wireless

9 ton desktop monitor or Mac Book pro 

The list is unending but I think you can understand where I am going with this- the state of Oklahoma has given our teachers and students a Nokia 65 with no cell service and then we test them on an Iphone 8 level with 5G capabilities and wonder why they can’t rise to the occasion! I can tell you why!!! This doesn’t seem like rocket science but apparently it is,  do you know who the president was ten years ago? what was happening in the world ? If you are in school in Oklahoma I bet your text books are 10 years old AT LEAST-  so tell me if our educators can only teach 10 year old stuff in a society that is fueled by technology how up to date are we?

So let’s level that up one – how about ten year old medicine- you ok with that? NO you want the latest and greatest ! Ten year old slot machines? NO NO NO unacceptable ! We live in a society that thinks next day delivery is to SLOW. So when you look around your world and you know you prefer the latest and greatest of everything then tell me how you can look at your children and say that their education is not important enough for updated text books.  I have watched the news, talk to numerous teachers and not one of them has said to me…”you know it would all be better if we just got a raise” you know why ? They would spend it on their classrooms given the chance- no, listen to these teachers, they are asking for funding for the school because if you fund the schools then you empower the school districts to give them a raise but first they want BOOKS.  I see communities stepping up and providing for the schools, it is apparent to me that we as parents know how important this is and most of us feel like maybe we should hand them cash upon picking up our kids(some of us should be…definitely I have been in a classroom or two) I think that maybe the legislator needs to see more citizens with the sign don’t make me go to TEXAS because they value my kids.  OKLAHOMA be good stewards of the dollars pouring into your hands or we will take it somewhere else.

I have no solutions for this problem but I know this- parents you better saddle up because you are going to have to fill the educational gap where the state is failing your kids. Study up buttercup.




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