Tips on house cleaning

So here it is , I have discovered the secret to house cleaning with 3 small children- FLU-B. The mere thought of more than one child having this will turn your house into an infirmary with plastic gloves and sterilized door knobs,  ALL SHARING STOPS NOW. Seriously I put those kids to bed and cleaned every touchable surface in Thieves- doorknobs, stairs, cabinets, floors, chairs, bathrooms, I am convinced I would have started a burn pile if it had sounded sensible ( it almost did).  So this morning I am sitting in my very clean house enjoying snuggles with the littles and I am very grateful today for B – because option A was way worse.  So say a prayer for this house as we buckle down and hope 2 out of 5 is good enough odds for this round!!

One thought on “Tips on house cleaning

  1. I’ve been there! Lol…I’ve read that you should keep them in their rooms to keep the germs isolated and even keep a pair of shoes in the room for yourself so you don’t walk the germs out to the rest of the house! Imagine that!

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