Sunday morning something happened that I kept thinking, there has to be a take away from this, God is just going to smack me with something obvious about this situation besides ” you can not control the situation only how you react” and I was hoping it was not patience…. boy do I get that lesson a lot.  We were on our way to church, we live in rural oklahoma, my husband tells me to watch for wildlife than for other crazy drivers ( I say other because I do not have the best track record.)  I am so grateful he was in the driver seat at this moment.  We came upon an unfortunate incident for an unsuspecting armadillo and a surprise breakfast buffet for a group of vultures, it is a two lane road so the opportunity to move over and go around is not always present but it was at that moment and so we did.  I looked up only to see a buzzard , wings spread hitting our windshield and showering Clay and I in glass.  Mr. Cool checked that everyone was ok and we went on to church for him to drop off the kids and I so he could go clean glass and move our carseats to my MIL car.  – Can I just take a timeout to tell you how stellar my parents and inlaws are, I would say they loan us a car at least 4 to 5 times a year for one reason or another. The windshield to put it lightly was not going to be fixable , so Clay picked us up from church we gathered our things out of the car and headed home.  My MIL took it to the shop- thankfully because we used the suggested shop our glass coverage paid for the whole thing and it was a smooth transition.  This morning I took her car to the chevy house where she had left mine so that hers could be looked at and I could get carseats moved…. if you have ever watched someone perform this task let me say it is entertaining because my 1.5 year old was radio shopping from the front seat the whole time.  We got in the car and I took admiration of the shiny new glass, so sparkly and clean, not even displaying it’s first dead bug …ahh enjoy that because it won’t last.    We journey on and when I had once looked over my car I thought HOW CLEAN MY DEAR CAR IS! It is like getting into something brand new!  Soon I started to notice the tiny pieces of glass, it only seemed good as new but I could still see the tiny parts of shatter.  That was when I thought, when we are broken God does not just fix our piece, he makes us a new creation in him, he doesn’t simply replace the windshield of your heart but he makes it new, I am grateful for the fact he does not repair me with used parts but makes my heart new in him

2 thoughts on “Shattered

  1. Thank you Lord, for your angels that protected the family from harm! Thank you for family members to help with their vehicle and insurance coverage for the windshield. You Lord, are a present help in all circumstances. Amen


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