Test me

I feel like someone has been following me around trying to see what the line is for my patience they last few days, get my goat so to speak.  Yesterday it was a series of events, everything handed to Porter ended up on the floor, he wants to be big so badly but it reminded me of how we have to do the little things first, but we are trying with patience to let him try life on his own, even though we know it is not quite time for him to carry his ice water across the floor, we let him try and fail and clean up his messes. That is what life is about right?  Yesterday every time I turned around there was a mess, and it was hard.  It makes you just want to cry every time you hear the word “uhoh” we say down to dinner, I had already heard a million- I don’t like this , I don’t want to eat this.  We sat down and Hunter flipped his plate off the table, landing pork chop in my hair and covering me in ketchup- on the inside I wanted to yell but Hunter said “woah mom I didn’t see that coming” and I just exploded in laughter which was unexpected for the whole table. That is exactly how I had felt all day.  Today we started semi new, Porter was using the potty , we had only cleaned up a few messes and Porter went to potty- in which Hunter came screaming down the hall Porter is pooping – which I was overjoyed but when I got to the bathroom he was standing on the stool like he was about to pee but yet he was pooping on the stool…….oh dear heavens well at least he was in the bathroom next to the toilet hahah oh heavens.  My closet is covered in buttons and my bed in clothes but this isn’t a test of the emergency broadcast system ….this is my life and today I say NOT TODAY SATAN.  I will laugh when I want to cry

One thought on “Test me

  1. Amen sister…spread some of that confidence and cheer over here. I know what you mean about dinner and everyone complaining. I love that you laughed about the pork chop!


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