I wear many hats, it often seems like a Jack of all trades and a master of none, I am sure that isn’t accurate but it often feels that way.  When you detail mom life it can often feel daunting, no one is happy with breakfast- then complaining before 10am of hunger, we purchase toys they don’t want to play with over the need to be entertained or I spend endless hours picking up the disarray around the yard or the floor. I love my job as head of this crazy chaos but we are about to do some serious downsizing, their imagination is their favorite tool and I am now resigning to only toys that invoke that- the princess castles and zoo’s are so quickly forgotten so they are about to take a walk on the wild side. New hat- minimalism coordinator!

Last week I exercised lots of my hats!  We went to Miss Oklahoma and we got to see all our hard work in action, but of all the things we worked with the girls on through out the year, none of it was more needed than our love and encouragement, it took Director to a whole new level for me as I wiped tears and buttoned dresses, curled hair and removed makeup.  The best thing for me was at the end of the week my teeny crawled into bed next to me to snuggle and fell sound asleep, sweetest moment ever.  I have seen incredible growth from this young lady and while most would be disheartened and frustrated at the week not playing out as she had envisioned, she took a look around her and observed what it would take for her to take it to the next level and came home ready to work!  She is a shining light of what a young lady should aspire to and I can’t wait to watch her continue to bloom!!!!

Which brings me to my next – My executive Director is incredible- I often wonder if she realizes what a powerhouse she is- (a powerhouse I hope is soaking up some sun currently) nothing makes me happier than to take a load off of her plate, which doesn’t happen often!  Recently I had the privilege of placing a real estate sign for her on some foreclosed property and wow let me tell you I am now qualified as a sketchy property documenter…call me up for your next abandoned trailer house photo shoot:)

I am honored to be a student leader at Fusion and although I am just discovering what all this can me, my crew is at Falls Creek this week, God is doing big things for these kids and I can’t wait to see the light God is shining through them project out onto the world around them!!  I am contemplating taking my crew up tonight for dinner…am I that brave? I am not certain.

I would gladly contract as Apple Tech support, my dad calls me on the regular to troubleshoot his ipad- last week he text and said apple id and password?  I guess he assumes I help so often I should know these things (mind you he had to call Apple a week before that to get it ) I said didn’t you write it down???  My MIL also jokes I should contract for them, I myself believe I may be more helpful than AT&T

So when I look around and wonder about my define purpose I know God created me without a doubt to love people – I am a carrier of burdens, a reliever of stress, and a fixer of problems, I cook, I wash , I fold but most of all I LAUGH AND LOVE….  I may be 34 with a nose ring and an undercut but I AM LIVING MY BEST LIFE AND GOD CREATED ME PERFECTLY FOR IT!!

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