The Curse of the Incredible Priceless Corn Cob

Hank the cowdog – he is a deliver of God’s lesson for me sometimes hahah.  We are obsessed as a family with Hank the Cowdog’s audio books-  99% of the time that is what we listen to while driving – the other 1% is The Greatest Showman Soundtrack but Hank is most requested!  Yesterday was the tale of the Incredible Priceless Corn Cob, when disagreeing over table scraps Pete the Barn Cat convinces Hank and his friend Drover that a corn cob is more valuable than the Steak being offered. Hilarious I know – Pete is crafty and instead of telling him how priceless than corn cob is he offers to trade his steak to Hank for the corn cob, so doubt is created, why would he want to do that? If he wants to trade something so delicious for something seeming to hold no delight it must be very special ??  Hank decides it must be a priceless treasure and takes it to hide it away leaving Pete the barn cat behind to enjoy his steak in peace.  Hank then deems himself wealthy and neglects his friends and duties to bask and enjoy this wealth the apparent corn cob now affords him, he endangers his friend Drover to be eaten by COYOTES to guard this treasure, until Junior the Buzzard (who is always looking for a meal and would stand to benefit from the Coyote feast) speaks up and says your Corn Cob has no meaning without your little white friend!

How did this speak to me you might wonder??  Well I have put us on a journey to less stuff- a minimalist journey one might say.  How often in life do we become focused on the next priceless treasure and neglect the people right in front of us- the real gifts from God!  Satan comes by and offers us unending delight in our next fabulous outfit, gadget upgrade, beautiful peace of furniture, or maybe it is a smaller pants size(has often been for me) and we think if I could just get there then I will be happy.  We put blinders on like a horse at the races and only look at the corn cob being dangled in front of us- forgetting the suffering of those around us, spending less time showing Gods love and more time looking for the perfect spot to display our treasure and keep it safe. That strikes a big cord when you think- where have I laid my treasure.

My Aunt would be most proud of this story if she could hear it- God only knows if she will hear it from me or him but she taught school for 50 plus years, she spend her whole life pouring into children, and she was so tickled to see them grow up and know how many generations she had influenced, today I sat with her in a hospital room, the first time I had seen her hair grey, the first time I had seen her with out her make up, the first time I had seen her hair uncurled and her jewelry gone from her fingers.  I couldn’t help but notice how ice blue her eyes looked, they have always been so green like mine, but when she widened them upon hearing my Uncle talk they were blue as crystal.  My prayer for her is that God executes his plan for her life perfectly and that her impact on me is mirrored on my children, that her love for education is poured out on the community she invested in, I know she is eager to walk the streets of gold with her son, and I know it will be in God’s perfect time.  When the week started I never expected God to speak to me through the younger people in my life but he has and I am so grateful that he is doing such great works even in the lives of the young.



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