Everyday is a test, a test to see if you will QUIT.  The definition of this comes with having children.  Take for instance the things you do because you want to: sleep in, go to bed early, watching your favorite show, take a long bath , read a book or whatever your choice of joy is, if you want to continue this , don’t have children.  Children give you permission for a lot of things, but quiet is not one of them.  That means friends and what you get to do with those friends changes with the seasons but I truly believe everyone should have friends as awesome as ours.

We had them over the other night, we love these people they are like the best gift God gave us in our little town and we do not get to see each other enough even though I can throw a rock and hit her house from my back porch.  She is my person though- if there is blood or tears – she will pick up the phone and if she doesn’t I will show up at her house.  We have been trying to make plans for oh I don’t know 3 months, can we do dinner? can we have lunch, 6 kids gives a lot of variables to making plans.  This week we just decided enough was enough, I ordered grocery pick up and said come over lets just do it, we won’t have to control chaos for the public eye and we can talk and hear each other.  We laugh we catch up but if you were on the outside looking in you would think we are not successful at gatherings.  I sat a huge bowl of watermelon on the table and let the kids free for all, we didn’t care if they ate their dinner, it was just fun.  We created a lot of laundry, a lot of dishes and it was the best!  Our life is not glamorous, neither is our new found supper club(which everyone agrees should happen twice a month minimum) the night ended with P putting his teeth through his lip while trying to climb in the bath tub and my dearest exhausted mommy friend caught a nap in our most loved chair, we are quite literally walking chaos between the two of us but there is an unwavering support, it is easy to say I am not doing so good this week- got any encouragement for me?  A week or so ago, our hubbies played glow golf and I could not have been more overjoyed to watch those hard working men ride off on the golf cart in laughter. Authentic friends are hard to find, people who share your values in parenting, we laugh at the thought of raising these kids all the way to 18 together and what each stage will hold. I hope in 20 years we are still gathered around a table laughing and singing old country because that is my jam. images

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