Avery Jean

Kids say the darndest things…that is what they say right?  My daughter is as shy as they come if I am standing next to her, she laughs when people talk to her but rarely answers.  This is an improvement over screaming at strangers, my mom and I took the kids to Chik-fil-A a few summers ago, she loves cows and the giant cow was there, as we walking out the door my mom points it out and she screamed at him, not like a fearful cry, like a scream you make to scare something away from you.  It was HILARIOUS but as I watch her now, I know why she is quiet, she is storing up everything I tell her to tell some random stranger when I am not around….  Take today for instance, we went with T and her daughter to get feathers in our hair at a little beauty salon in Wapanucka…. yea it is a real town welcome to Oklahoma.  I am sitting in the chair getting my matching feather and she is with her friend playing with an older lady which in that short period of time she divulged everything she knew.  She will list for you the words I do not allow her to say, how her rules are different from which friends, she observes everything.  She can sing the song of rules my mom has for her children at school, she can list just about anything her Aunts have ever told her, if you say something in front of her she will remember it.  Avery is honest beyond need but I am very honest with her so that makes sense, I am trying to prevent reliving my childhood I think.  I lied, about everything, big or small,  I never wanted to be in trouble I was a people pleaser but also a button pusher…I needed to see what happens when you push each one.  A is me, she insanely stubborn, she will refuse something purely on the principle of having her way, if you tell her she is not capable of something she will work repeatedly until she can do it….when she does this I see the ag boys telling me I was not strong enough to carry a 50lb feed bag and I worked and worked until I was capable of needing no help.( My adult shoulders appreciate this stubborn attitude- my body appreciates a lot of my manual labor choices)  I hope I am teaching her to be strong in more ways than one, equipping her to face the world, I questioned forcing her to do ISR but at 4 she swims the length of the pool, she is very capable and strong willed but her heart is gold.  She says an endless prayer listing everyone she knows and opens her eyes to see if I am smiling in approval, she seeks so much to please me, I pray for her that she is strong in who she is, I adore her need for my approval but I hope she learns to seek only Gods, she is my mini me and my beauty I enjoy her beyond measure, but pray she sees in my a strong woman who loves fiercely and I pray she knows how worthy she is.  A is named after my mama (her middle name) and I pray she embodies all the things she represents to me.

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