Don’t ask if…..

How often do we deny good advice on the principle of “I don’t want to”.  My husband made this pretty clear to me and I love him for it but then it got me to thinking how often does God asks us to do something for the betterment of our lives and we say nah that doesn’t sound fun.  I did this..  I went into the bathroom at my inlaws, there was no one else in the house, I am putting on my swimsuit to join everyone at the pool after Hearts at Rest Retreat and it is going to be so soothing!  Well then as I put my second foot in, my knee pops out of place sending me falling softly (just kidding I sounded like a T-REX trying to use his tiny arms to catch himself in a china closet) anyway so I am laying there on the floor crying and trying to figure out what to do.  This is the exact reason you should always take your phone to the bathroom- I call all 3 adults, no answer, I roll over and pow it pops back in- it hurts so bad it makes me sick but I am tough, like real tough so I tell myself so I get up.  My husband tells me I should ice it and elevate it… ehhh that doesn’t sound like fun (my exact words) can I just tell you he loved this.  His response- what do I know I only went to medical school? Of all the people this man has my absolute best at heart, I asked him for his opinion, he gave it and I said nah no thanks.  While wearing ice around my leg propped up in the chair after my minor tantrum about how I didn’t want to do that I think to myself …..I asked a doctor his opinion then I told him no……How often do I do that to GOD, like you go ahead and show me the way, lead me to the desires of your heart for me…then we get there and go nah no thanks, that does not look like fun, or woah no way am I going to be uncomfortable, or bargain with God like he has nothing better to do than hear the reasons we (WHO ASKED HIS OPINION IN THE FIRST PLACE) do not want to do what he recommends.  You know what I have learned about God when he has something to teach me he has a way of saying …Why don’t you have a seat, be still for a minute, I am talking to you and you need to hear me.  If there is to much noise I can’t hear God so I think every once in a while he has said to me BE STILL 15 times (like we do as a mom) and then finally has to get our attention.. ok God I am listening BUT I SURE DIDN’T WANT TO SIT DOWN.

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