Challenge accepted

So I have been working through this little grateful book and it challenged me to write 20 things that make me smile( insert eye roll) but then I decided if I wasn’t going to take this seriously I was wasting my time… so often we get these little questions and especially if they go on social media we tend to warp them to what we think people want to see on them.  You think to yourself, what if someone sees this and judges me because my number one wasn’t my husband, kids, God(insert whatever that person thought should be first) so obviously my order delegates whether I am a good mother,wife,christ follower, cook, homemaker, and daughter.   It is hard to be honest with yourself.  Here I am though, gonna take this challenge seriously – so in no certain order here are 20 things that make me really happy …

  1. quiet time and coffee… I mean you can’t have one without the other and my day just does not go right without both!! If I miss one……The need for a little Jesus and coffee in the morning is real
  2. My husbands smile- there is something about seeing that man happy that makes my world right…..”just to see you smile I’d do anything” I sing to myself ” I’d never count the cost its worth all thats lost just to see you smile..”
  3. my kids love for each other, it never gets old watching them love and take care of each other…never… I hope their worlds are always intertwined.
  4. laughter among my family.  If it is at my parents or his, I love the sound of laughter, the kind that comes from deep and makes your sides hurt.  My dad’s laugh is probably my favorite(along with his sneezing it is memorable)
  5. wine…..nothing makes me smile like a good glass of wine on my front porch.  I can watch the sun go down everyday that way.
  6. music…music speaks to me  and I love to hear my kids singing along- the best of live worship on spotify is my anthem music
  7. I love to read but with kiddos- audiobooks are my jam ( we are on book 15 of Hank the Cowdog- my kids are audio junkies too)
  8. essential oils- my diffuser is going by my chair, by my bed by my kids bed- I love the smells. I make rollers, face wash, room spray, bath salts, and so much more:)
  9. growing things- some of my goals this year have been to grow flowers for my table, and oh I have mint, lavender, basil, and chocolate mint…. I LOVE HERBS
  10. water- I love the water, I mean it is Oklahoma you almost need it to survive, I rinse my porch on the daily, I will swim, I will wade, where there is water I need my toes in it, I am not above playing in the sprinkler I mean it was 110 yesterday.
  11. hair color…..oh give me all the hair color – I change mine as often as my heart desires and it just makes me happy- so if you see me and my hair is blue, red, purple, and you think oh wow that is terrible, just like the weather in Oklahoma give it a minute it will change haha.
  12. Agriculture- I love cows, horses,pigs, goats,sheep, if it comes with a farm I am in, I love agriculture, tractors, all it stands for and the FFA- blue and gold run the veins of this girl 🙂
  13. I love to learn- and sometimes that  comes in the form of my kids asking questions I need to google – this makes me laugh and smile and sometimes yell
  14. my sisters: I have 4 by marriage and 4 by choice- I love laughing with them- they are my safe haven, a space where I am loved and accepted without question and grace is abundant- pretty much any of these 8 ladies names pop up on my phone I am happy.
  15. nieces and nephews- this crew of little people are my joy, I love them as much as my own always, even the ones who are only here for a season.  They laugh so loud and say things that only they could get away with and they make me beam.
  16. Running.  This one may cause shock and awe because I have never been associated with athleticism but there is something about the challenge that makes me really happy.
  17. Yoga- I would so teach Yoga if it didn’t require some crazy out of country retreat for 1000 hours…because well kids but I love to Yoga- and my kids ask me often if I am yogaing again (I am not sure how to spell a non existent word)
  18. A dirt road (this sounds super corny I know)  I love to drive a dirt road riding shotgun to my love with the windows down and lately I even enjoy driving my kids down one ( pre 110 degree summer I am on a hiatus from windows instead of AC)
  19. Fire- here is a little or well known fact, I like to build fires (goes well with my amazon problem) but on any day you could pull up to my house and find me in rubber boots burning some junk …and looooving it. Call it therapy – I share this fire passion with my hubs so that is a plus
  20. my brother. any chance I get to help him or my dad makes me really really happy, my favorite times are the moments after some hard work I get to sit on the four wheeler for a few minutes and really talk over something cold.

Do yourself a favor, make a list, maybe you will learn something about yourself, and remember not to worry what people think or what order they are in.


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