Moonshine Ridge

This was the best adventure, I was trying to figure out when we could go back on the way home!  I know on a regular basis how blessed I am to be a part of this incredible family but they just continue to show me why I feel that way!  So here is what I learned this week

  1. You can most certainly adventure no matter how many children there are- head counts are a must.
  2. You do not need toys if you have this many kids- they will play with rocks, sticks,  pine cones and the neighbors dog.
  3. I feel like I am equipped to handle chigger attacks from here on out( Epsom salt, baking soda and peppermint oil bathes for the win) 
  4. styrofoam air plane provides endless hours of entertainment- even after the wings break
  5. You can not run 6 showers at once- 
  6. vacationing on shark week is genius- quiet time is an easy sell
  7. tie dye sends gloves for a reason- if you opt not to wear them you will look like a bad car accident
  8. not all things yummy taste good on a s’more
  9. Getting cocky about your tubing skills when you haven’t done it in 10 years is not something you should do unless you are prepared to makes some epic dismounts against your will ( the laughing will hurt as much as the water impact)
  10. water balloons are just as much fun for adults …….

Merry Christmas- this was the best gift.

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