Somedays I am convinced I am on a bloopers reel, and then I get on this little funny train in my head and I can’t stop laughing at myself.  So here is a line of truth for you.  I volunteer on the tech team at my church ( I am not techy- my friends had a good laugh when I signed up) But I absolutely love my spot, I get to see the worship band up close,  I love behind the scenes….I like sitting on the floor like I am the only one there.  That being said- my back was hurting so bad so I decided to stretch.  I wear yoga pants on the daily for this very reason- and of course when you rip your pants you can guess where that happens.  I assessed the situation and decide it was concealed but still …self aware times a million.  Usually I am completely invisible (I wear black for that reason) but I had some on stage duties this week and I could not help but find this a hilarious situation!

Then the bloopers just keep rolling in, I get in the car and think did I put deodorant on? Of course I did, why is it that it only works under one arm? I am not alone in this right?  Does your deodorant work on both arms equally? Ever split your pants? Who is holding the camera for this?

Monday arrives, P pours my fresh cup of coffee in my chair, as I clean it up with a bowl of water he stepped off the chair into it sending water flying all over the chair and carpet, which resulted in me having to disassemble the chair..

He comes from downstairs to tell me he pooped in the big potty and flushed.   I went upstairs and he hadn’t used the big potty as he said but the training potty now being used as a step stool… epic smell….and his undies well lets just say they had their own story to tell.. So really who has contacted Americas funniest home videos?

Every time one of these life bloopers gets me I hear my dad, I have called him soooo many times crying, and he always laughed…irritating to a woman crying I know but he  says: I can laugh or cry with you and I prefer to laugh.  However when you laugh at yourself people tend to think that you are not bothered by all this(or you have lost your ever loving mind), and that is simply not true, I still feel frustrated and like the film crew of Punked could pop out any minute but maybe one of the most important thing I have ever learned is I can not control what happens in my day but I can control my reaction….and let me just say I do a lot of laughing because well Punked.

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