I went to meet the teacher as a first time parent with a child(ren) in school, and it looked like I was moving them into college !  I am in no way, shape or form complaining about the amount of school supplies, I will buy those teachers whatever they want all year long for teaching these little people, but when you buy for 2 it looks like a lot and I still managed to forget a few things!

Sending my kids to school has never bothered me until now.  I always saw the sappy facebook post about first day of school tears, and thought (eye roll, seriously) they have to grow up and I want them too! I want to adventure through life with them and watch them blossom into functioning adults, but let me be a truth teller for a second. I walked those independent babes into school and they went into that school and they walked into class and never gave me a wave.  I stood in the door like Ricky Bobby being interviewed ” I don’t know what to do with my hands..” I turned and walked to my car and sat in the school parking lot and cried….ugh I hate it when I say I will never be that parent and then I end up crying in the car.  Things I have noticed about my kids starting school……

I am exhausted….not my kids me….holy smoke I am so tired and nothing has changed about the time I get up or when I go to bed but getting them ready to leave the house and watching them go seems to be mentally exhausting or something.

It now takes twice as long as a normal day takes to get to 3:20 and the time between getting them home from school and bed time is the blink of an eye.

After one week of school my daughter is now rolling her eyes and H now is a self proclaimed expert on everything.

Apparently all the things I couldn’t get them to enjoy eating at home are now delicious-  I have not had to threaten my kids to eat dinner or act crazed since school started (high five people!)

I do not take as many pictures as I should or maybe that is a comparison and there is no actual quota on how many should be taken.

I heard my actual name instead of mom more in the last week than I have in 3 years.

You can go to school all day and still answer the question of “what’d you do today ” with “nothing” now I know why that was so obnoxious to my mom growing up, because she actually wanted to know what I did 🤣

The best friend requirements for a 4 year old girl – “she never leaves me alone in the bathroom” … wait that’s one of my requirements too ~

You absolutely can not do this without a mom squad

If they learn nothing else all year, I want my kids to understand that not everyone is going to like you, you can not possibly be friends with everyone but you should be kind above all else.

2032 seems like a lifetime away but I know it will pass in the blink of an eye because I thought I had so much more time before their first day of school.

4 thoughts on “2032

  1. That first day is hard on every momma. I would like to say it get’s easier but it doesn’t. It’s harder because you realize each year how much closer they are to graduation and moving out. My goodness…I cannot believe they are old enough for school but I know they are going to love it. #cryinthecar #nobodyisjudgingyou


      1. Welcome. My youngest didn’t speak a single word for the first two weeks of preschool. The teachers kept asking me of she talked at home. Lol I said yes…I was so worried and then boom out if it she came!


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