Prayers of my heart

Use me, even in the smallest ways, to minister to those nearest to me

Keep me on this journey- keep revealing yourself to me.

Guide me.

I lay it down for you.

I open my heart to receive what you have for me

I have always known you loved me but never felt worthy of anything more than a servants position, humble me to accept the role you have for me as a daughter.

Give me the confidence to walk boldly on the path you lay before me, help me to lay aside my fear. I am living for an audience of ONE

I want to see you , I want to hear you.

I know fear often stands in the way of my hearing, afraid I may not want to hear, a daughter unwilling to be a disappointment to her Father but how no part of me is unknown to you.

I am seen, I need only to accept what you are so freely giving.

Give me the power to see others the way you see me, give sight to my heart.

I want to be lead by my right hand as a daughter of the most high King

Let my sight be on the eternal.

Teach me good judgement and knowledge for I believe in Your commandments

Psalm 119:66

Thank you Christy for taking a picture of me and my babies even though I was hesitant to allow it

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