growing in grace

I want what I want and I want it now.

Anyone else feel that way?

My original plan was to give you a hair update….but that would not be accurate if I said 5 months post buzz cut here is where I am. In December I got impatient …

Ever happen to you, happened to me.

I decided I had enough hair to trim up the sides and work toward a style. A few things you should know that I have learned at this point. The length of of my hair does not bother me but the color of it does. I have always been a frequenter of blonde hair and this journey has helped me figure out why….it makes me feel like I look younger….hahah Another thing I have become passionate about- put a hat on your little bald babies because if you don’t have hair IT IS COLD!!

Back to the story, so I was going to shorten the sides and it was going to look more purposed… sounds reasonable right? Well it wasn’t because it had not grown enough for this to be successful.

I think in life we do this, we are so in a hurry for something to take shape that we don’t put in the time to lay the foundation, so in a hurry to see some resemblance of a result that we push forward when we know we haven’t had enough growth to be successful yet. Guess what happens when you do this??

You have to start over because you look ridiculous because your hair wasn’t even long enough for a good crew cut- I started January with a fresh buzz because I needed results to fast and I didn’t have enough growth to complete the project!

Let us all hope that I learn this lesson the first time and January is my final buzz count for a while…seriously pray for patience for me, my mom is counting on me to not have a buzz cut in May for family pictures. LOL

This came to my mind as I sat in the floor with littles in my lap building a fire, so often I toss a log in and a fire starter and end up wasting a ridiculous amount of starter logs all because I didn’t go outside and gather some little sticks and get a good little fire going before tossing on a big log.

Then Luke 16:10 popped in my head- just so you know I didn’t call this from my great wealth of biblical knowledge- still working on that it is my kiddos memory verse…”If you are faithful in little things, you will be faithful in large ones. But if you are dishonest in little things, you won’t be honest with greater responsibilities”

At this point you are thinking good gravy lady…. make a point … you are all over the place with hair cuts and fire building. My point is maybe He is growing you, maybe today you just need to be faithful in the little things. I don’t have to save the world, I need only to listen and grow(in my hair’s case, get you some good shampoo #monat)…God is in the waiting.

also learning that Clay wasn’t the only one who contributed to our boys crazy cow licks
literally 2 weeks ago- I’d say it is noticeable difference …

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