Hearts at Rest

Thinking about attending a Hearts at Rest event? (Hearts at Rest is a faith-based anxiety ministry for women)

I could have given you a million reasons and excuses not to do Hearts at Rest.

I am sure you are familiar with some of them.

“People won’t understand.”

“I don’t really have a problem, I am not experiencing debilitating symptoms.”

“There is no way I am going to TALK about my anxiety in front of other people, isn’t that the definition of ANXIETY.”

“I know the bible says don’t be anxious and all the pretty verses that go with it, what else could you tell me?”

How about this one? “I don’t want to leave my house….”

That is me. I don’t like to leave my house. I raise kids there and it is my safe place. The last thing I wanted to do was drive 30 minutes each way every Tuesday for 8 weeks at the risk of crying in front of strangers (or more terrifying people I knew!).

I did not want to be honest about my anxiety. I wanted to ignore it for the rest of my life.  

You know what I really didn’t want to do? Take my mom with me and confront our generational anxieties together.

Let me tell you, if for 2 seconds you considered this event, sign up now.  It changed my life.  God healed wounds in my heart I had nearly forgotten; He healed my relationship with my mom in such a way I never dreamed we needed; God showed me his goodness.  

He also provided me with a community of women to love me and lift me up, to surround each other in love for our heavenly Father and remind one another who God says we are.  

God sees you— one of His names is literally El Roi which means that. A woman on the run from life, thirsting to death in a desert has an encounter with the Lord and she realizes she is seen by Him. I get it.

There is nothing you can hide from him and He doesn’t want you to be alone, isolated, heart racing, tears streaming, and fighting for your breath.  

He wants to set you free.

You can’t get out of your car when you get there because your heart is so loud? I will hold your hand. I know this feeling.

When the pain is too much to speak, reach for me.  I will hold your hand.

God wants so much good for you,. I want it for you and I will sit in the pain with you and I will hold your hand if you need me to. That’s how I learned to let God hold my hand—being held up by his mighty women who showed me that I-broken,anxious,and bitter- was the daughter of the King and he only wanted good things for me if I would let him in to heal the dark places of my heart.  God put my heart at rest.

Hearts at Rest is a 7 session ministry conducted in a weekend format. You are never required to speak out loud. You can engage as much or as little as you want. The facilitators honor this. It is priority that women feel welcomed and at ease as they connect with the Lord.

I’m part of the ministry team at Hearts at Rest and will literally help anyone needing encouraging to come in or stay in. My name is Katie Garrett and you can find me on Facebook if you have any questions!

The next ministry event is in Duncan, OK – March 7 & 8. You can register at This is a FREE event.

The next Durant, OK is March 22 & 23 and you can also register at This is also a FREE event.

And if you don’t have anxiety personally but have a friend or family member struggling, showing up with them and for them. Bring them.

Hope to meet you and see you there!

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