Stuck in a hairy situation

I am covered in sticky. all the time. This is the season and yes I am unlike other moms who search out a tissue and I often wipe my kids nose, or face with my sleeve…..

Gross I know.

There are a lot of things people look at and say gross …..but those are not usually things that concern me. Take for instance Friday I wore a pair of shoes, I wear on the regular, I used to work in them they were my favorites! Ok work in them is a loose term, I wore them to the salon where I spent the majority of my day barefoot. ( gross you say) If you don’t know me – then let me tell you I don’t like to wear shoes and won’t unless I am entering a public space in which they frown on bare feet. I used to work in the barn in my bare feet and I wore a fancy toe ring in those days – John Woods used to tell me that I was going to get my toe stepped on and that toe ring was going to cut my toe off…..or I believe Stan told me I was going to get grub worms in my feet that would have to be popped out with a coke bottle… see where this is going??? I have no regard for any of those warnings still….

BACK to the story at hand, Friday while sitting in my trusty spot behind the scenes of Hearts at Rest, I had slipped my shoes off and noticed I had hair on my feet….you see that is odd because well I don’t work anymore….so I take a gander into my shoes….

I find this this, can you see that seam of hair in my shoe…..I quit working in 2013. That is how long that has been in my shoes. Does it bother me ? Obviously not. I will tell you it was not as hilarious to my husband and friends as it was to me. Would I have noticed it if I hadn’t been sitting in the floor where I had to be still and quiet, most certainly not. It has been there for 6 years already, and upon arriving home, my hubs confiscated my shoes and knowing how much I adore them used a pair of tweezers to clean out every hair.

It got me thinking, what “hair” am I walking around with on my heart, how long has it been there? Until I arrive at a situation in which I get a hair splinter or sit still long enough to notice it is gunking up my life, how long can I ignore it? God wants to clean my gunky heart much like my husband wants to clean my hairy shoes, so that I can walk in joy and comfort and cleanliness …hahah . I simply needed to be still this weekend and recognize I had some gunk I needed to let go of.

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