10 years ago…where were you

Nothing will make you more thankful for the journey God has guided you through like taking a look 10 years back and realizing all you have learned and how much you have grown. Even if it meant doing lots of hard stuff to get there!! We had an interview last night, it went 10 years back and then asked us about what we learned that got us to today and I can’t help but wonder about you?

Where were you 10 years ago?

What did you believe about yourself?

What has changed?

You think wow 10 years, that is an entire decade, for me over 1/3 of my life ago……but to look back at then and now?

I can see how God has changed my anxiety. I can see the purpose in all the struggles. I can adequately tell you what my parents taught me. I can tell you that all the hard years of medical school for Clay prepared me for motherhood, and it shaped us into two people who learned to communicate and trust .

Today while working on Entourage I realized the verse I was working on could not have been more accurate

Where ever you are in life, God is working in your story and 10 years from now you will look back and see his hand in each and every step, only he knows what he is growing you for, you just have to step into it and give him your fear. He will replace it with joy everlasting. Take a look back at ten years ago, what if you could tell her what a little faith will do for her? How would that change today for you?

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