Get Fit

So I don’t like to diet…. I am not trying to be skinnier so much as I want to be “fitter” is that a word?

Maybe less flappy…. it was flab when pre kids…post kids its flap- arm flap.

I do all the things they say you should. I drink only coffee, water and wine( well they say you should cut that out)

I exercise 4 days out of the week and chase toddlers for cardio ( I mean it says easy cardio so that counts right?)

I know you can relate to this, here is the problem, I am a human garbage disposal. I follow children all day eating left over breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks….who wants to waste those bites. Here is my dilemma, how do you add this to your food journal?

for example today I had:

one bite of chocolate chip muffin

3 spoons of cereal

two slices of orange

a salmon wrap(no one wanted a part of that)

2 bites of cornbread

one bite of pizza

one bite of chocolate chip granola bar

2 gold fish I found under the couch

a jelly bean from inside the recliner

I mean I just need to know how my fitness pal wants to map this journey- I am all about tracking my intake but…….

I am seeing excellent results thanks to my work out routine but when people ask me what I eat, I am struggling a bit, my diet resembles the one of my dog, they just let me in to clean up the mess.

Garbage disposal or small clean up dog? Or maybe I am just a mom trying not to waste food my toddlers leave behind.

I’m saving the planet.

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