I bought a farm

I found a farm on Zulilly months ago, and I passed on it. I really wanted it more for myself than my kids, it reminded me of childhood I remember endless days with my brother and his farm. I looked for cowboys to go with the farm but couldn’t find them, so I was trying to remember what Matt and I used, NINJA TURTLES, haha we used ninja turtles and they were the perfect size. I don’t know why this is such an endearing moment for me but I love that memory, we plowed the carpet and built fence and used everything we could find to better our farm.

So when the twins went back to school the farm came available again and this time I didn’t pass it up. I BOUGHT A FARM. This morning I sit in my chair watching the 3 of my kids rearrange my furniture to suit there farm needs, one managing poultry and swine, the other in the equine business while the youngest mans the bulls. I hope when they have kids, they buy the farm because they remember this moment.

As an adult those moments where I get to sit with my brother are fewer and farther in between but as I sit enjoying this view I feel the same way I felt having coffee with my brother a few weeks ago. I realized over the last few weeks that not everyone gets that feeling. You can sit with someone a lifetime shared, and just enjoy being accepted, loved, to enjoy family . Not everyone has family. Family isn’t always nice and loving. I realize family is who you let into your space, into your heart, open the door to your home, it is the best choice you can make. My family is diverse and my kids are growing up with lots of chosen family, because life is more beautiful when you do it together, the lows hurt less and the highs feel higher.

I say all that to say this, go all in with those you love and BUY THE FARM. GOD designed us for community.

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