Life Goals

When you think about life goals, usually it isn’t in the sense of something you want to accomplish in your life time, we often use it as a slang today for something we see we like or want to accomplish. I often see a super fit or cool mom and think #lifegoals but that doesn’t mean I am actively doing something to achieve that. Do you ever consider others life goals? Guess what, me neither! A few days ago my mom told me one of her life goals and I was blown away. I had never considered her career ambitions. Wow that is rude of me right? I never considered why my mom did what she did when I was younger, over the last few years I have learned a lot and here is what I know….

When I was young my mom stayed home with us and as we got older is when she began to work, when I was in high school she began as an assistant in the elementary school and I believe those ladies loved her and encouraged her so fiercely that it changed her trajectory and gave her confidence in her abilities as a teacher. I think it was my freshman year of college that she got her own classroom, and that was 19 years ago….wooo telling on our age aren’t I?! Over the years I have watched hundreds of kids fall in love with learning in her classroom, I have seen her shed tears for students and celebrate with them, and in turn has allowed them to do the same with her. I have witnessed my mom transform a classroom from chaos and never raise her voice (she has a mad stink eye skill though) her kids love her fiercely but they respect her above all, she teaches them manners, how to treat one another, and respect for others and themselves. See you think you send your children to school to learn reading, writing, and math but those teachers are teaching so much more, they are teaching these kids how to interact, how to be successful and take responsibility. My mom had big goals for herself even if she never spoke them aloud to me, she attends conferences and pursues education for how she can better equip her kiddos every year, it has been incredible to watch my mom develop and bloom in this environment. I thought I would never meet anyone who loved teaching as much as Memaw but the last few years she was with us I saw the love and respect between Memaw and my mom over a shared passion. A love for teaching, a love for kids. A year ago they recognized Memaw at the Bryan County Teachers meeting, she had passed away that very week, and this year she was cheering so loud from above as my mom was recognized as the Bryan County Teacher of the Year. To say I am proud is an understatement. I wish I had known so I could be there to witness the look on her face. It is probably good that I wasn’t I’m a cryer and then I would have ruined her not crying.

She laughs often and wonders where I get my passion and tolerance for kiddos, but I don’t wonder, I know where it came from as I watch her year after year pouring into her classroom and anguishing over their struggles….I prefer a different age group but I know exactly why I love kiddos so fiercely because I spent my life beside a woman who loves and advocates for children every single day, and she has not a single clue how incredible she is, how uniquely God made her for this purpose. Mom didn’t need to be recognized for her teaching but I am so grateful that she saw a glimpse of what I see through the cheers of her coworkers and the love and support of her school!

Congratulations Mom, you achieved a #lifegoal ! I love you

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