When sitting is painful

This season of quarantine can feel that way for me, in many ways. Physically and emotionally.  I have a mix of emotions regarding people’s feelings on quarantine as we all do. Who has the most accurate opinion? Are we over reacting ? Understating? 

I like to sit on the porch and I have noticed the wind and how it moves the trees.  There are two unseen things that effect the situation, the wind and the roots .  I can’t see the roots and I don’t see the wind but I KNOW one is  moving all around me I feel it on my skin, I hear it in my chimes, I see it flutter the leaves. I used to think I related to the tree standing firm holding strong while life moved all around me, sometimes the wind was hard, sometimes it took leaves or branches, sometimes it blew so furiously I feared I would snap.

Today in this season of stay home I feel I am the wind, able to gentle and cool, comforting in the heat of the day but I must be aware I am the moderator to my children, to be aware of gentle guidance a strong breeze at their back moving them forward. I don’t want to be a dangerous wind that makes there rooting feel unsure. My children are beautiful trees and I am their environment, capable of watering, nurturing and guiding their growth.  My winds can prune limbs and help the change of the season but they are also capable of causing destruction, in that thought I hear the song lyric”in the eye of the storm you remain in control” I don’t know how this all ties together neatly but I KNOW God is using my world to nurture me. To calm my seas.

At this moment I have been forced to sit down and notice, to see the growth, the change , the pruning and appreciate it. To pick up the discarded limbs and move them from under each tree and look for the new blooms. Growth is coming I expect this storm of life will bring about beautiful changes.

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