The God of the mountains

We are in the mountains , while I’ve seen them from a distance this is my first up close encounter with this geography.

As we came through Colorado God had me in awe but today He showed me something so beautiful I just have to share .

How many times have you heard the God of the mountains is the God of the valley? But in the valley it never feels that way.

God weaves every crevice of this earth for beauty and today as I watched my kids bounding up the mountain side with joy and fearlessness . They saw only adventure and beauty, they didn’t see the danger I saw or feel the fear that paralyzed my heart.

Me an adult, who knows you have meant me for good can still be paralyzed by the fear of falling so much so that I miss the beauty you have for me , I can be so determined to do it on my own that I miss the hand you have placed in front of me to pull me from the danger . I pray that I chase you with the same fearless passion Hunter and Avery chase the mountain too and keep my eyes open to the help you provide me to pull me from the cliff to the overwhelming beauty of the top.

I pray my kids pursue you with the same fearless determination I saw today, and they do it with the same joy, dancing down the trails of life and perching on the edge to enjoy the splendor.

Hunter I pray you are always climbing to in pursuit of the Father, Avery May you always be fearless enough in the freedom of the Father to perch yourself on the edge and enjoy the splendor . Porter today you enjoyed the ride but I pray the examples your siblings set give you the confidence to run with them!

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